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Compressive optical imaging with a photonic lantern


The thin and flexible nature of optical fibres often make them the ideal technology to view biological processes in-vivo, but current microendoscopic approaches are limited in spatial resolution. Here, we demonstrate a new route to high resolution microendoscopy using a multicore fibre (MCF) with an adiabatic multimode-to-singlemode “photonic lantern” transition formed at the distal end by tapering. We show that distinct multimode patterns of light can be projected from the output of the lantern by individually exciting the single-mode MCF cores, and that these patterns are highly stable to fibre movement. This capability is then exploited to demonstrate a form of single-pixel imaging, where a single pixel detector is used to detect the fraction of light transmitted through the object for each multimode pattern. A custom compressive imaging algorithm we call COIL is used to reconstruct the object using only the premeasured multimode patterns themselves and the detector signals.

The code made available here represents a proof of concept MATLAB implementation of the proposed algorithm.



D. Choudhury, D. K. McNicholl, A. Repetti, I. Gris-Sánchez, T. A. Birks, Y. Wiaux and R. R. Thomson - Compressive optical imaging with a photonic lantern,